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In Person Sunday School
Join us for in person Sunday School! Every Sunday 9:15am-10:00am
Preschool | 2.5-5 years
Elementary | K-5th
Online Opportunities
Every week we have opportunities for our families to connect. We have weekly Family Devotions, We provide a children’s message on our Virtual Worship recordings. We also have virtual fellowship!
We are a family friendly Church and welcome all children to be a part of Worship (inside and outside!) We have a children’s message at each service
Sunday School
We would like to welcome you to our Virtual Classroom starting March 7th. You will find lessons, activities, and resources with Stories from the Bible.  
Young People’s Ministry Council
These committed volunteers answered a call to serve the children and families of our congregation and community so that all may know and experience the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ. The focus of the council (YPMC) is to provide the families and young people, a place to nurture their faith and love of God by creating opportunities that connect, encourage, support, nurture and help build a foundation in faith. Want to be a part of this mission?
Summer Vacation Bible School
Longs Peak UMC offers a Summer Vacation Bible School.
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